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Monday, March 29, 2010

Crafting in Wonderland: I've got a double!

I was off from work today and decided to finally make a duct tape double of myself.  I've been wanting a dress form for a while, but shipping a dress form to Guam would be so expensive.  After seeing all the great DIY dress form tutorials on You Tube, I decided this would be the next best thing.  So I enlisted the help of Allan. He did a really good job and I managed to not pass out.  She isn't an exact double, but she fits my t-shirts okay so I can't complain.

I could've really used that double a couple weeks ago when I was making this top.  Instead I was forced to try it on, take it off, sew adjustments, try it on, take it off, sew adjustments . . .   Oh well.

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Life in Wonderland: News from Guahan

Priest Abuses - an article from Marianas Variety about a problem that is being brought to light around the world.

Philippine fashion icon coming to Guam: Inno Sotto to host charity fashion show -   Article, from the PDN, on the prince of Philippine fashion" and his upcoming visit to our island.

Build up utilities cost: $1.75B - PDN article on one of the prices to be paid for the military build up.  And yes that is B, for billion.

Celebrate in Wonderland: One Night in Tokyo and Sky Creations!

Just thought I'd share some pictures from Sharon's birthday party!

If you like Sharon's outfit you can find it on Etsy!  We ordered it from Sky Creation!

If you like my top:  Thanks, I made it!  : P

Friday, March 19, 2010

Celebrate in Wonderland: GAX and One Night in Tokyo

Two events on Friday night.  Allan and I are both off from work and school, but he has his usual gig at Bully's.

Opening act for Friday is GAX, the Guam Art Exhibit.  I'm excited for this show, mainly because my very good friend, Luke, works for the company that puts it together and he has been very active in the production of this show.  I also know many of the exhibiting artist.  Hopefully Nel, Tes and I will be exhibiting at the next one.  

Headlining for my Friday night is "One Night in Tokyo", my friend Sharon's birthday party.  Sharon is a very sweet girl and last year she spent her birthday away from all of us, in Japan.  She was there taking care of her mom.  For that birthday we had all pitched in to buy her the cutest outfit, but we didn't give it to her until our Christmas party.  So it is kind of the inspiration of this party.  Well that and she is half Japanese (cue Weezer music now) and has the most kawaii anime eyes. :P

In preparation for this night I've been working on a Japanese inspired outfit.  In fact I'm taking a break from my sewing to post this.  :)  I hope it turns out well.  Either way I'm sure It'll be a great night filled with awesome art, great friends, and lots of celebrating.

Hope everyone else has a great weekend!

Monday, March 8, 2010

Life in Wonderland: another breather

Lately I've been really caught up in school, work, and the DEIS/Build up.  Well as far as school is concerned I'm back in the zone.  I got a 100% on my first Nihongo test and an A on my first math test.  So I think I'll be OK in the studies department.  Work is work.  Not much else to say on that topic.  And as for the build up, the DEIS comment period has been over for a while.  It's amazing what was accomplished in such a short amount of time. The people at We Are Guahan did an amazing job getting information out to the public.  And it's nice to know that many of our concerns were also reflected in the EPA's comments.  For such a major move from a very powerful and important department of American government, it is really sad that the DOD didn't put the effort in to make the DEIS, and their plan in general, safer for the environment and people of Guahan.  They shouldn't be surprised that the DEIS received the lowest possible score.  It's not over yet, but I think we all deserve a moment to breathe.

My breather

Since the beginning of the year I've barely ventured in to the art room, except to get some supplies to make protest signs or to stash Allan's gig equipment.  Last week I decided it was time to clean up the art room and start a project.  I saw an episode on Thread Banger, a while ago, where she made a shirred dress.  After watching that I went out in search of elastic thread and found some at Rhadi's.  I never got around to making anything though, until last week.  I made this blouse out of some fabric that Shauna had given me.  It ended up being a bit loose on me so I decided to give it to Nella.  I seriously need a dress form.  I'm going to try to make one using one of the many duct tape dress form tutorials online, as soon as I can find the time and money to buy the supplies.  Then maybe I'll be able to actually wear some of the clothes I sew.  :P