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Friday, July 25, 2008

Funding Wonderland

Since the minimum wage has gone up, my pay has been adjusted accordingly. Awesome! And this news came on the same day that Allan found out he will be working at the new and improved Hope 4 Pain Tattoo shop! Yay.

Living in Wonderland is not cheap so this news is very welcome! I've also been looking into other ways to save money and keep myself occupied aithout spending so much money. Bohemia here we come.

Thursday, July 10, 2008

Sharing Wonderland: Helping with a wedding

A beautiful young couple is planning on getting married this month. They don't have much money and my mom and some of her friends agreed to help them plan it. They'll be married on the beach by a friend who happens to be an ordained minister. My mom was asking me for ideas and I thought these invitations, I found on the net, would be beautiful and functional for a warm beach wedding. I'll be making these invitations for them. The bride is going to have an orchid bouquet, also made by a friend, and the center pieces are going to be small fishbowls with guppies and shells. My mom has a little container pond with billions of guppies, so she'll be providing the fish. An intimate breakfast reception will take place after the ceremony at a nearby hotel restaraunt. They'll have a filled cupcake stand instead of an expensive wedding cake. For favors they'll be giving shell necklaces with a little card commemorating the event. I'm so excited it sounds intimate, simple, and classy. What makes it really beautiful is that so many people are pitching in, which I think is a good sign that this couple has hope. People are helping because they are good people who deserve a beautiful wedding even if they don't have the bank account to pay for one!

Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Decorating Wonderland: I must learn how to cut glass!

How awesome are these? I have a ton of empty wine bottles. I also have empty Jack Daniels bottles that I've made a centerpiece with! :P

I think I know what I'm going to do with those wine bottles now. Wish me luck!!!

dirty warehouse and ADHD suffering musicians

Allan, my boyfriend was in this photo shoot for a local magazine. They're doing an article on the evolution of punk rock on guam. So they asked a bunch of the "old generation" and "new generation" punk rockers to get together and say cheese. The pictures turned out better than I was expecting especially after hearing Allan bitch. I don't really know why he was bitching he looks like he had a good time. lol. He's the one in the back with the beer. I think that's the pic where the photographer asked them to be themselves. That's Allan all right. :P

Thursday, July 3, 2008

Wonderland musings . . .

The title for my blog comes from a painting I did a while back. The idea of it is that Alice is all grown up sitting on an oversized mushroom where Wonderland once was, but is now a dead forest lit by the distant city glow.

The point being that when we were kids the world seemed amazing and our futures seemed fantastical. :P As we grow up we often realize things aren't the way we saw them as children. I'd like to bring back Wonderland for me though. I'm attempting to resolve to get more active in my life. I want to do the small things I've been meaning to do and change certain negative things so that hopefully I will find Wonderland for myself and maybe help others discover their Wonderlands!