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Friday, March 19, 2010

Celebrate in Wonderland: GAX and One Night in Tokyo

Two events on Friday night.  Allan and I are both off from work and school, but he has his usual gig at Bully's.

Opening act for Friday is GAX, the Guam Art Exhibit.  I'm excited for this show, mainly because my very good friend, Luke, works for the company that puts it together and he has been very active in the production of this show.  I also know many of the exhibiting artist.  Hopefully Nel, Tes and I will be exhibiting at the next one.  

Headlining for my Friday night is "One Night in Tokyo", my friend Sharon's birthday party.  Sharon is a very sweet girl and last year she spent her birthday away from all of us, in Japan.  She was there taking care of her mom.  For that birthday we had all pitched in to buy her the cutest outfit, but we didn't give it to her until our Christmas party.  So it is kind of the inspiration of this party.  Well that and she is half Japanese (cue Weezer music now) and has the most kawaii anime eyes. :P

In preparation for this night I've been working on a Japanese inspired outfit.  In fact I'm taking a break from my sewing to post this.  :)  I hope it turns out well.  Either way I'm sure It'll be a great night filled with awesome art, great friends, and lots of celebrating.

Hope everyone else has a great weekend!


  1. You gals have the best parties. I remember years ago trying sooo hard to get my friends to dress up and go out as super heroes . No one wanted to do it and I was so disappointed not being able to show up as Bruce Banner-post-Hulk-transformation. Now most are married or are into their kids. Maybe I should dress up for one of their kid's parties....Hmmmm....

  2. Oh yeah, I can see the manga influence.
    You and your little dog have a good weekend to Drea.


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