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Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Life in Wonderland: a guilty pleasure

Allan has been harassing me about how many bottles of black nail polish I have.  And I've been harassing him about how I need more.  :P

Just thought I'd randomly share that.

Sketchy in Wonderland: just a thought

Thursday, June 10, 2010

Community in Wonderland:

Some sad news

Another Guam soldier was killed in Afghanistan.  Joshua Lukeala is the 35th soldier from the micronesian region to be lost fighting in an American war since 2003.  :(  He left behind a wife and daughter.

A few times a week I work at the airport and I have to walk by these blown up pictures of all the soldiers from Guam who've died in the "war on terror".  It's really depressing because there are a lot. I'll try to take a picture on Saturday when I work.

Read the article, Guam Soldier Killed at

Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Life in Wonderland: Adventures in my kitchen

Allan is at his parents house babysitting his 3 youngest siblings.  So I was home alone and starving, again.  At first I was thinking about making estufao, a local dish similar but not exactly like adobo.  I didn't feel like waiting for chicken to defrost and I don't care much for handling raw chicken anyways.  After doing a sinkful of dishes I decided on Quorn, meatless grounds, with chickpeas and stewed tomatoes.  I never made it before, but since the Quorn grounds defrosts quicker I figured it would be easier.  I also went to my tiny backyard and cut some green onions and basil from our herb bowl.

It turned out okay, but I think it needed to be more saucy and could've used some lemon juice.

Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Life in Wonderland: Under the influence

Last Thursday I went with my friend, Luke, to Ladies Night at DNA.  They were having a "Sex and the City" event to benefit the Edward M. Calvo Cancer Foundation.  Since Luke works for DNA he had to be there and since they were serving vodka and wine I had to be there.  After my first vodka and monster I had three dresses hanging from my neck.  Now might be a good time to mention that DNA is a clothing/lifestyle store.  Trying on dresses under the influence of alcohol isn't always a great idea.  I think it nearly beat my self esteem to death, but later when Nella showed up she helped my choose one that I could wear for my upcoming birthday party.  After purchasing the dress and winning a raffle prize, bag of DNA products, I perked up and we all went to Bully's to hang out.

So after a couple more drinks and a conversation with a friend about recent events in her life I started to question a major aspect of my life.  Reflecting on your life while under the influence is about as productive as trying on dresses drunk.  Nel and I ended the night out in the parking lot.  She was half passed out and I was on the verge of an emotional breakdown.  Before she did actually pass out and before Allan and Luke came to rescue us, she said "Just because a girl understands doesn't mean she isn't angry."

Of course my breakdown continued at home.  And of course I let it go the next day.  I'm such a Gemini.  I switch my feelings on and off so quickly.  Plus I realize that I tend to confront my feelings and reality when under the influence and hide from them in my sobriety.  I'm not even sure why I'm sharing this.  Maybe I just want to document it and also remind people to drink responsibly.  Remember to have a buddy!  Thanks to my buddy I managed to make it home with out blisters.  :P  Love you NEL!  ---> Picture is from one of Nel's birthday parties.  :)

BTW:  My birthday dress is Lucy Love!  They make super cure and comfy clothes.  They're a family business and the clothes are made in California.