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Saturday, February 19, 2011

Life in Wonderland: A new project!

Hafa Adai! I started a new project with Nella. One night we were hanging out and decided to make a list of things we wanted to do this year. The list started to grow and we decided on 25 items, but set a goal to complete at least 20 out of the 25 items together. Then we came up with the idea of blogging about it. We figure that if we publicly document our mission it will help keep us committed to the project.

So I'd like to invite you all to follow us on our journey. Please follow 2 girls, 1 bucket... list!

To give you and idea of what to expect, here is the second webisode we posted.  We completed an item on our list already!

2 Girls, 1 Bucket List - Ep. 2 from two girls on Vimeo.

Saturday, February 12, 2011

Celebrate in Wonderland: Biba Egypt!

I cried this morning after I saw the headlines. So beautiful. So amazing. So much hope.

Thursday, February 10, 2011

Community in Wonderland: We heart Carmen!

I went to a medical fundraiser this evening.  Carmen Costello is an amazing artist and beautiful human being.  Our island was very blessed to have her with us.  She'll be leaving us very soon to spread the love and get healthy.  We're sending soooo much love and appreciation her way.

Look at the amazing pieces I took home!!  The print is by Carmen and I decided to purchase it as a gift for Allan.  The 2 ceramic pieces are by another local artist, Monaeka Flores.  I have a large painting of her's hanging in my living room.  :)  The red necklace is by Carmen.  She makes such unique pieces!  My mom bought me this since it matched the dress I was wearing  The orange bead and seed necklace is by Mama Jill.  Mama Jill is a master carver and just a really beautiful person.  She does so much to encourage the preservation and appreciation of our culture.

I had a really awesome night, but I'm a little sad.  I wish Carmen could stay longer or I wish I had met her sooner.  She tells the funniest stories and has such amazing energy.  She has so much to share and teach and she's not stingy with her stories, talent, or heart.  We love her very much and wish her all the best!

Carmen, in red, signing prints.

some jewelry by Carmen & ceramic and clay pieces by Monaeka

Carmen's originals up for auction

donated raffle prizes

Thursday, February 3, 2011

Life in Wonderland: Conversations with myself on colonialism and revolution

Watching the revolution in Egypt on You Tube and reading about it on the news and on Facebook posts has got me thinking even more about Guahan's past, present and future. I find myself crying while watching the demonstrators regain their dignity and realize their power as a united people. It's sad that what was a peaceful revolution has turned in to something more dangerous and almost medieval, but there is still beauty in it. They are doing what they can to maintain momentum while protecting each other, their homes, and their country. I wish them a safe a journey towards a destiny of their own molding.

I was thinking about how it got to that point for them. What made them so fed up that they decided it was time for change? If thirty years of not having a real vote is what it took, then Guahan is due for change too.

While we vote for our governor and legislature, we don't vote for our president and live by a constitution that was not written or amended with our needs in mind. We have little control, if any, over trade and immigration. These are things that hinder opportunities for us to contribute to the world. They hinder our ability to sustain ourselves with out dependency on U.S. aid. We are being controlled by that dependency.

At the same time too many of us underestimate our gifts. I'm talking about the people who say we have no resources and nothing to offer the world. We have this beautiful island, ocean, and people. Our people are resources. And we have many very talented people who just need support and encouragement to cultivate their abilities and talents. We produce more military service men and women per capita than any state. Why not cultivate doctors, artists, musicians, teachers, leaders, scientists, and farmers? Why is everything we consume imported? Music, food, literature, and language are all brought in from somewhere else. I'm not saying we should block out everything. I'm just saying we should appreciate what we have too and do our best to sustain those resources. We need to stop telling our children that they must leave in order to thrive.  We need to stop telling our children that if they stay they will only survive off the aid and hand me downs of more powerful nations.

I think colonialism plays a big part in our way of thinking. We've been led to believe that we were a people who were not strong enough to survive on our own and we continue to play that role they've casted us in. What I think we have to see is that no nation stands alone. They are all connected and an integral part of the stability of the world. As it is now, we have no say in our destiny and in our level of connection with other nations. But it is not beyond us to become the designers of our destiny. We just need to reconnect with our community and talk about what we want and need. We need to dream! We need to believe in ourselves and each other. We need to believe that our island and people are more than what they tell us we are.

Just like the people of Egypt, we can unite to realize our dreams for Guahan. Hopefully it won't take insufferable oppression and severe desperation to get us to that point. But either way, there will come a day when the sounds of our ocean are entwined with the raised voices of Guahan's revolution. I just hope that our revolution is brought on by education and a uniting of our community.

Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Life in Wonderland: Inspired

a visitor in Viva's jungle
This is my most recent painting.  I just finished it today!

I recently joined a group on Facebook.  Gorilla Arts Guahan has motivated me to get up and create.  I've been kind of stagnant lately, but seeing and hearing all the amazing talent on island has made me want be a better artist.

There is soooo much amazing talent on this island.  I've always recognized that I have some crazy talented friends and family, but now I'm looking farther than my own circle and I'm just blown away.

I suggest that we all remember to take some time to appreciate and enjoy our local artists.  I'm not just talking about Guahan.  Wherever you live look around, go to shows, poetry slams, or even take a walk around your neighborhood and check out the street art.

-damian leon guerrero

Gorilla Shrew - John LG