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Thursday, January 19, 2012

Vintage shopping in Wonderland

My friend, Michele, and I share a love for vintage fashion.  Guam doesn't have too much to offer as far as thrift store or vintage shopping, but it just makes it that much more special when you find something amazing.  A week ago we decided to check out Peace, Love, and Charity.  I've mentioned PL&C before.  It's a cute little family run thrift store.  All the money you spend in the store goes to the Calvo Cancer Foundation.  I know a family that has been helped by this foundation so I it makes me feel pretty good to know my money is going to help actual families on Guam.

Another thing I love about PL&C is that the store is not dusty.  It's hard to shop when you're sneezing up a storm.  Although I have found some great books and even my favorite jacket at The Salvation Army.

Look what I found at PL&C.  Isn't this dress awesome!!!  It was very reasonably priced and in such amazing condition.  No holes, and all the buttons!  And it fits like it was made for me.  I know it's more 30s than 20s,which I was hoping for, but I still adore it.  I'm thinking about removing the satin sleeves though, or at least the shoulder pads.  Michele found one too.  Hopefully we'll have a party where it will be appropriate to wear these dresses.  I'll be sure to post pics.


  1. oh wow, that's a great find!

  2. Ma Din was here.......

    Bet you thought he forgot about you too, huh? ;P

  3. awesome, im going to guam in a few weeks and would love to go to some thrift/vintage stores! did this store have accessories?

  4. :( they did have accesories, but I think they recently cosed.


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