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Sunday, September 27, 2009

Community in Wonderland: Gef Pa'go

My mom has some guests in from Austin and Saipan and my parents took them around this morning. Allan and I decided to wake up early and tag along. We went to the southern village of Inalahan and visited Gef Pa'go Chamorro Cultural Village. It was really interesting. We were both glad we didn't sleep in.

This is our guide showing some pandanus woven items.

My mom and the master rope maker. The rope is made from hibiscus bark.

Our guide harvests sea salt which they sell at Gef Pa'go. Of course we bought some. :P

Coconut woven products.

They also make and sell coconut candy. I love coconut candy.

Part of the tour included a visit to a historical home. These homes had ifil wood floors and the one we went in survived the war with bullet holes in the floors to prove it. It was pretty crazy.


  1. Thanks for sharing your coconut candy. It was awesome.

  2. Nice to meet your blog ..greetings from Kuala Lumpur

  3. What fantastic photographs!


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