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Thursday, December 31, 2009

Life in Wonderland: Midnight Kisses.

In the five or is it 6? years that we've been together Allan and I have always had our New Year's kiss. Even if he was playing on stage, he'd make sure at midnight he could kiss me. :)

Last year I was really down on New Year's. I was so depressed I skipped the party we were going to that night. Allan went because half the party was for his birthday and he knew when I get that down I just need time and space.

I couldn't sleep so I put in Princess Bride and cuddled up with Viva and Merlot on the couch. I started to feel really bad about not going. My friends were expecting me and what kind of terrible girlfriend doesn't spend New Year's Eve with her boyfriend, especially when it's his birthday?! So all of those thoughts just made me feel worse.

As I dug my self deeper in self loathing it suddenly was minutes until midnight. Then I heard him through the door. He was playing Auld Lang Syne on the harmonica his parents got him for Christmas. He came home just in time. I had told him a few days before that it was one of my favorite holiday songs. He learned it that night on his way to the party! I started the New Year free of gloom and filled with love. Sometimes knowing someone loves you sooo much can help you love yourself.

This morning I cleaned the car, did some laundry and brought his birthday presents over from my parent's house, where I had hid them. I'm going to wake him up with garlic shrimp fried rice and tons of love. :)

Hope you all will be starting the year off with the ones you love. If you're spending it alone please remember a new year brings new opportunities and new hope.

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