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Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Breather in Wonderland: Stop and Breathe

Lately I've been stressed with work, school, and the DEIS.

But last night since my Japanese class was cancelled for the week, I spent some time with Nella.  We went to this coffee shop near the schools.  I forgot the name, but it was cute.  Viktoria Sayrs art covered the walls and Nel bought a couple of earrings made by another local artist.  Wish I had thought to bring my camera.  Oh well, maybe next time.

When I got home Allan made me watch this You Tube video.  He always finds the best stuff on You Tube.

Okay, I caught my breath.

Here is one of my recent DEIS comments:

It is a known fact that there are Superfund sites on Guam, that were caused by the United States military activities, on the island.  Until all these sites are completely cleaned up, the U.S. Department of Defense should not even consider any actions that may further damage the environment on Guam.  The military build up and the preffered alternative actions described in this D.E.I.S. will further negatively affect the environment of Guam and consequently should not be considered at all.  If this build up happens, and the Guam environment further degrades due to the actions of the military, it will be a crime not only against the people of Guam, but also the people in the United States of America and Japan - who will unknowingly have to pay for; the destruction of coral reefs and mangroves, the depletion of the people of Guam's fresh water, the poisoning of land from firing range activities, the disposal of more toxic waste, the creation of more landfills, and all the inadequate mitigation measures this D.E.I.S. proposes.  Until all military Superfund sites on the island are cleaned up and this D.E.I.S. is found to be adequate, by all our local leaders, officials, and environmental and economic scientists, than the only proper alternative is the No Action alternative.
If you'd like to review and submit a comment on the DEIS please visit:

If you'd like to learn more about the Guam military build up please visit:

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