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Thursday, May 20, 2010

Community in Wonderland: Good news for Pagat!

The National Trust for Historic Preservation will be adding Pagat to a list of the country's historic and endangered sites.  I hope this means Pagat and the areas surrounding it will be safe from military build up activity.  It is such a beautiful place that has so much historical significance to our people and should remain accessible to all our island's residents and visitors.

The military stated that if they build the firing range and prevent access to Pagat it will protect it from illegal dumping and vandalism just like the other historic sites that are with in their gates.  What is the point of preservation if the people to whom it has historical significance are never or rarely be allowed to visit the site?  There are people who must get permission to visit relatives graves because the military controls access to these sites.  grrrr. 

Anyways, Hooooray for Pagat!!

To learn more about Pagat please check out these links:


  1. I just hate to see woodland been destroyed Drea.
    Hooray for Pagat indeed!

  2. you may also visit:


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