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Monday, May 28, 2012

Community in Wonderland: Miss World Guahan!

About a month or so ago, my mom told me that there was a call put out to local artists asking for design ideas for Miss World Guam's 2012 native costume.  She told me about it a couple days before the deadline.  So I spent a day thinking up ideas and then I broke out some fashion form templates I printed out a few years ago.  I wish I remember where I got it so I could add a link, but I can't. I had a lot of fun sketching and painting this out. 

Every element of the dress has meaning.  The guafak bodice pay tribute to the weaving skills of our island's women.  The gradient blue skirt represents the ocean, all it gives to us, and our people's navigational skills.  The net and spondylus is a tribute to the women who save Guahan and the women who continue to protect the interests of our island and her people.  The greenery is a reminder that we are protectors of the land and the coconut shell buttons down the spine are a tribute to the legend of the coconut tree.  Every part of this dress could be made locally and showcase our island's talented artisans.

My design was not chosen to be worn by Miss World Guam 2012, but I still feel great about it.  I put a lot of thought in to this design and I'm really proud of it.  Plus, it got a bunch of likes on facebook and people are still telling me how beautiful it is.  I do realize this may not have been the best dress for the competition.  It is more symbolic than obvious.  In order to really appreciate it fully, I think you'd need to know a bit more about our island than how many brown tree snakes we have.  :P

photo credit: JR Manuel Imagery
While my design didn't win the Native Costume competition at the Miss World Guam pageant, my god sister Jeneva Bosko did take home the crown!  She isn't just beauty either.  She is a whole lot of heart.  Jeneva raised over $6,000 for Erica's House.  Erica's House is a family visitation center where a parent can visit with their child or the child can be exchanged from one parent to another, in a safe and friendly environment.  They also offer parenting classes.  We're all very proud and excited for her.  I don't know if I have ever seen my nina that happy.  :D  I'm sure Jeneva will represent our island exceptionally well and she just might even take home the Miss World title.  My fingers are crossed for her. 

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  1. Drea, you did a wonderful job with it. Your design was so meaningful. I love it (love the monster book marks too).


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