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Monday, November 30, 2009

Celebrating in Wonderland: Autumn Festival

This was the first year in a few that I've been able to go to the Autumn Festival. For 30 years the Japanese community on Guam has hosted this celebration of harvest. I'm so glad we were able to go. Parking is crazy and sometimes it rains and gets muddy, but the music and food always make up for it. There were booths and booths of food, toys and drinks. Allan was in heaven. He had okonomiyaki, squid rings, and karage. He was dissapointed that there was no takoyaki, but he got over it. We got there later in the evening so Nella and I were unable to get light up ears that many of the kids were wearing. Many people were dressed in kimono, yukatas, and happi coats. I even saw a puppy in a happi coat. There was also a fireworks show, dancing, and the shrine procession.

All together it was a great way to get out of the apartment after a day of rain and vegging out.


I think this is the children's shrine. :)


  1. Glad you had a good time! I've been wanting to make it to the Autumn Festival on Saipan for the past several years. Unfortunately, I never know when it's happening. I only read about it afterward in the paper. :(

  2. It looks like a party! And good for you for getting out in the rain. I hate rain. I'm not sure I could have had fun in the rain...such a baby :)


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