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Sunday, November 1, 2009

Growing in Wonderland: Crown of thorns

Today I spent the morning with my parents. We had breakfast and next to the restaurant we were eating at, there was an outdoor plant sale. I've been wanting to start a garden in our tiny apartment backyard for a while. I've also been wanting to add some green to our indoor atmosphere. The plant sale was awesome. This one lady was selling the largest orchids I've ever seen! My mom bought one. There were also some cacti, but earlier today I purchased some potting soil and cactus seeds. Instead I got a great deal on some crown of thorns plants. They were only 3 for $10. I'll keep them indoors by the windows until they get too big, if they do. I looked it up online and the crown of thorns is originally from Madagascar. I thought that was interesting. The sap is poisonous like poison ivy, so they are up and away from Viva and Merlot. When they go outside they will also be elevated to ensure that Viva or any strays that wander in to our yard will be hurt. I'm pretty sure that the thorns will also be a deterrent though. :P

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  1. Aha! So that's what they're called. James bought me one (and a mini one too) when we were at the Sabalu Market one day. We were walking by this one booth with lots of plants, and it just caught my eye. Mine has orange flowers and the mini is red. I didn't know the sap was poisonous. Thank you.


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