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Saturday, January 9, 2010

Viewed in Wonderland: NO DEAL!

I was unable to attend this meeting, but thankfully this was shared on Facebook and You Tube.


  1. Do many people feel that the build-up is a bad idea?

  2. I guess it depends on what you think are many. I think that there are many people opposed to the build up. Some may say otherwise. But there are many who are concerned about impacts due to the build up. The DOD wants a new firing range and may use eminent domain, condemnation, to acquire it from families. They want an expansion of a harbor, so they will dredge up ocean and destroy coral reef and mangroves to get it. They will put endangered species at risk. They will block access to popular hiking and cultural sites. There are a lot of things that cause concern. The plus is an economic boom, but the DEIS states that after that initial boom we will go through a recession. We will be left with a bunch of people who no longer have work and property values will drop. It's really scary. :(


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