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Thursday, November 27, 2008

Celebrating in Wonderland: Thanks Giving on Guam

It's Thanks Giving day here on Guam! I just finished making my latiya for my family party and my friends party. Latiya is a favorite local dessert. It's basically half a sponge cake topped with a yummy pudding.

I learned how to make latiya a few Thanks Givings ago. Allan and I just moved in to OUR first apartment. We were previously living with my brother and his fiance, but since they got engaged and had a baby on the way, we decided they needed their own place. Anyways, I decided to put together a full homemade Thanks Giving feast for all our friends. Most of them didn't have anything planned with their families so it was welcomed. When I was planning the menu Allan, who for the most part doesn't have a sweet tooth, mentioned that he likes latiya. So I called my mom and she lent me a local cook book with the recipe. Every one enjoyed the meal, but most especially they loved the latiya.

I haven't perfected it though. The sponge cake always floats and that makes it look kind of funny, but it's made with love and tastes sooo delicious. Every time I make it I'm reminded of that day and the love I have for Allan and the friends and family I make it for.

Happy Thanks Giving!!!

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