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Friday, November 28, 2008

Celebrating in Wonderland

Happy Black Friday everyone. I know I said I wouldn't be shopping today, but my dad asked me to take my nephew to pick out some jeans on sale at Macy's. So Allan and I braved the crowds at the mall to get Mikey some Levi's on the cheap. We also bought a couple quality pillows for only $20, for both. We love good pillows.

We also took a detour, since we were alredy on the road, and went to American Music. I got Allan new strings for his acoustic and electric guitars. Mikey had fun looking at the guitars and books. He's 9 and is currently taking guitar lessons. When he was 7 Allan and I bought him his first real acoustic. And little does he know my parents got him an electric. He's going to have an awesome christmas.

Anyways I plan to spend the rest of my day helping my dad make a rib roast and decorating my apartment! :) Tonight we're going to the autumn festival to enjoy Japanese entertainment, snacks and carnival games. I'm excited!!! I'm going to make Vivz wear her sushi costume!

Hope you have a great Black Friday. Don't stress too much and remember, as Allan told Mikey, every day should be Thanksgiving!

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