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Sunday, December 28, 2008

Busy Busy Busy in Wonderland: A review of yesterday's activities

Since I'm off this weekend I did my best to keep myself busy yesterday.

I worked on some more projects for my gift exchange on Monday night. I made my friend Michele something I think is really cute with fabric I think she'll like.

I started cutting out peices of fabric for the cat toys I'm planning on making for our local animal shelter. I need to get some catnip though.

I did the usual laundry, straighten up, wash dishes thing. I added more links here. I found some more crafting websites and also green websites.

I added a link to the organization my mom is director to, Guma Mami Inc. They help people with dissabilities.

I was on crafter and decided to see if I can join a swap. I've never done one, but I'd like to. I sent in an app for the pink, fuzzy, girly swap. :P Hope I can join.

I also got curious about what a wist is. So I joined. It seems fun. It's basically like social bookmarking or wish listing.

I also watched Viva and Allan play tug of war. I recorded Viva and Allan playing with her big pink tennis ball, but I'm having a hard time uploading. I'll try using my photobucket later.

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