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Monday, December 29, 2008

Wondering in Wonderland: Life after Life

I was waiting for my ride after work tonight and I was watching this stray dog lap up a puddle in the parking lot. He seemed perfectly content with his puddle and barely noticed me noticing him. It got me to thinking. If I died and came back as something what would it be? At first I thought I'd come back as a cat, but then I thought I might enjoy being a spider more. Once, I had the chance to witness a spider at work making her web. I remember being so completely amazed. Spiders are amazing artists, even though their work is fleeting and mostly under appreciated. I'm not sure if I'd really enjoy eating flies though, but if I was a spider it might be the equivalent of a yummy steak. What would you like to come back as?

Random, huh? Yeah I'm pretty random.

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