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Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Celebrating in Wonderland: Help me with the birthday menu!

I'm working on putting together a list of appetizers to make for my party. I love All Recipes and use it as a resource when I'm looking for party food or just to try something new at home. I've spent some time looking and these are some of what I've found.

As you can tell I'm looking for yummy, inexpensive and simple recipes. If you have any additional ideas I'd appreciate it. Keep in mind it has to be recipes that don't need to be served hot.

I'm planning on serving these on my Urban Outfitter's spider plates, d.i.y. coffin trays, and whatever else I can find that fits the theme and my non existent budget. :P


  1. I like to serve bruschetta, artichoke dip, stuffed mushrooms, an antipasta plate, etc. A little something for everyone. Have fun at your party!

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  3. Oh you should try grilled king prawn kebabs served on cocktail sticks with a sweet chilli dip, divine!

  4. Thank you sooo much for the ideas, ladies. I'll be looking in to them. :)

  5. Never underestimate the popularity of veggies, crackers and dip! I find these always go!
    Another idea is puff pastry scrolls, just get a sheet of puff pastry, put any pizza type filling on it, roll it up, slice and cook, can be served hot or cold!

  6. Those spicy pretzels look great! I always love to serve brie wrapped in a puff pastry dough and then baked. Top it with a few dried cranberried and pair with crackers and people go crazy!


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