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Friday, May 8, 2009

Down in Wonderland: It's really sad.

I just read an article that is circulating and it really made me sad and disgusted. In Malaysia, some villagers decided to get rid of unwanted dogs by ditching them on an island about a half hour by boat away. So the starving dogs turned to cannibalism. Isn't that sweet?

It's actually disgusting and honestly I'd rather they had put the dogs down humanely or even just shot them. But there are animal activists going in and trying to help the animals by leaving food and getting them off the island. I hope that goes well and there isn't any permanent damage done to the surviving dogs.

But you know what is pretty crazy? From what I've heard, in the U.S. people don't do things like this to dogs, but they do transport homeless people from state to state. The state offers homeless people a free ride to the next state. I heard they've ended up all the way in Hawaii and maybe even here on Guam. Okay so it's less likely that homeless people will turn to cannibalism, but still I don't think we should be shipping people or animals away just to pretty up our streets.

Read the article.


  1. :( that is so sad! I did hear a story of a lady in Florida who left her dog in the car to go to ikea - horrible human, it's 90 degrees here! I love my pup to pieces!


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