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Thursday, May 21, 2009

Community in Wonderland: Vick's realease

So Michael Vick has been released from jail. Don't remember who Michael Vick is? He's the NFL star who was busted for running a dog fighting ring. *BOOOO* I noticed a bunch of people defending Vick, by saying things like a human life is worth more than an animals, they were just dogs, and he's only being treated so harshly because he's a celebrity. So I have a few comments to share about those excuses.

I believe an innocent animal's life is more important than that of a deranged human life. I'm sorry but that is just how I feel. He allowed and participated in the brutal torturing of helpless animals. And I'm not just talking about fighting them. There was a female pit who they excised all of her teeth. She was used for forced breeding. He allowed and participated in the drowning, hanging, and beating of dogs. And this was all done for "sport", entertainment, and money. Did the NFL not provide enough of that for him and his entourage?

And yes I agree, Vick is being judged a lot more as a celebrity than if he was some random Joe. With celebrity comes responsibility. There were children out there to whom he was a hero. How many of those kids now think it's okay to abuse animals for thrills? And then there's the kids who know what he did was bad and have just been completely let down. What about the men, women, and children who spent hard earned money to watch him play or buy his merchandise? And what about his kids? hmmmm.

Basically, I feel that Vick is getting what he deserves, maybe even less. I think the best thing for him to do now is to at least fake remorse and start volunteering as much free time as possible to animal causes, maybe even become a vegetarian. lol. I'm sure he won't be getting many endorsement deals, even if they let him play again.

tons of good vibes going out to: All or Nothing Pit Bull Rescue and the many other people and organizations who helped care for and rehabilitate Vick's dogs, as well as countless other animals in need.

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