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Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Viewed in Wonderland: So very disappointed

When Allan and I found out that they were making a movie out of the cartoon Avatar we were so excited.  We used to see my nephew, Mikey, watching it at my parents house and one day I came home from work and Allan insisted I watch this cartoon with him.  We feel in love with it.  Allan and I have slightly obsessive personalities and when we get hooked, it's serious.

Of course we later found out about the casting decisions and were put off on the movie, but after seeing the previews we decided to give it a shot.  And so we woke up early yesterday to make sure we could make it to the morning showing in 3D.  Wow!!!  We were so disappointed in the first 30 minutes that we had to leave.  Everything was going by fast and heavy with narration and the dialog seemed awkward.  It's one thing that they didn't really look like the characters in the cartoon, but their personalities were different too.  They even pronounced some of the characters' names differently.  It was so awkward I felt awkward watching it. It was really sad.  But you don't have to take my word for it.  I'm not super movie know it all.  I've been known to like some generally considered lame movies.  :P  Go watch it and let me know what you think!

I love my 3D glasses though!!  Instead of putting them in the box to be recycled Allan and I kept ours.

Allan used his as eye protection while he worked in our tiny yard, later that day.  :P


  1. I was pretty disappointed too. I may have liked it a little better if we were given the choice in viewing it in 3-D. Maybe not. What's up M. Night?

  2. Oh no! I'll be writing about my thoughts on it soon. I liked it. Well, at least you got those cool glasses. :)

  3. I know these glasses are the best. :P


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