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Thursday, February 19, 2009

Crafting in Wonderland: Stuffies for my little monster!

Viva is truly a little monster.  We've bought her many stuffed toys and they rarely last more than a few days.  Silly us.  We finally stopped buying them.  I actually had a stuffed toy graveyard going for a while.  I wish I took a picture!  

Anyways,  I was going through Allan's sock collection and throwing a bunch of old ones out.  I decided instead of throwing them in the garbage I'd use it as stuffing to make Vivz some toys.  She 
really likes stuffed toys, but I really hate worrying about her swallowing all that stuffing.  I also hate cleaning up all the stuffing.  :P  Atleast with the socks it'll be easier to clean and harder for her to swallow.  I just sewed up a heart casing and a bone casing, stuffed in the socks, and closed it up with some ribbon.  She loves them!  It's been a whole day and she hasn't destroyed them yet.

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