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Friday, February 6, 2009

Update in Wonderland: Hmmmm....

Today I worked from 7-7.  Tomorrow I work from 7 to 2:30.  Then I'm off for the next 2 days.  Yay!  I've already started planning out my weekend.  I'll probably only do a quarter of the things I've planned and that's why I make a long list.  lol. 

I can't wait to get the feedback from my first swap.  There are a couple other swaps I want to join and can't until I get that feedback.  Plus the anxiety is killing me!  I'm doubting my projects more with each day that passes.  Maybe she'll recieve tomorrow.  hehe.  I should check the mail tomorrow too.
Allan decided to go to the skate park tonight.  I think it's because I was talking about Valentine's.  :P  We don't usually do holiday gifts for each other.  Christmas we do our best to get our family and friends stuff, but usually I just get him a few small things.  Valentine's we both agree it's more commercialized than we'd like.  Not that I think people who do go nuts on Valentine's are silly.  It's just that it's not our thing.  This year though I have some little ideas of things to make him.  I was telling him that we could make each other stuff, but he said he wouldn't know what to make me.  (guess he forgot about the cat tree . . . again!)  Our first Valentine's he stayed up while I was sleeping the night before.  All he could find was a crayon so he made me a card with construction paper and a crayon.  I kind of miss those weird little things.  I know I'll be a little dissapointed, but I really do love him.  It's all the little things he does all year long and not just one big thing once a year that reminds me I'm loved.  Yeah, I'm reassuring myself a little. lol.

Anyways hope everyone has a great weekend!!!

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