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Thursday, February 19, 2009

Shopping in Wonderland: Furniture Score!!!

Allan and I have been wanting to buy a couch.  We had a couple twin beds in our living room for the longest time.  Viva destroyed one and was slowly destroying the other.  We really needed a couch.  So last week we went looking and found a really cool one that flattens in to a bed.  It was $200.  So we decided to go back the week after to get it.  The day before my mother told me to check out Designer's Direct, a local furniture store, because she heard they had used furniture.  So we went.  And we found a bigger couch/futon bed for only $100.  It wasn't brand new or stylish like the other one, but this one was very clean, comfy, bigger and only half the price.  On our way out I noticed some cute dressers.  They were a little banged up but affordable and with a little black and silver paint they'd be perfect in our bedroom.  
So for the price of the couch we were planning on getting we got a bigger one and some new pieces for our room!  I can't wait until my next day off.  I'm going to paint the dressers.  I'll post pics of that later!

                           The futon is black, but has this blue cover.  I'm going to have to dye this, but after taking this pic I covered it with a beige queen size fitted sheet.
I originally planned on stacking these, but that just looks silly.   :P


  1. Great buy! and with so much potential for beautified transformation ;D

  2. Great finds!! Love the dressers!!


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