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Friday, February 13, 2009

Life in Wonderland: Free Art Friday

I spent my evening handing out raffle tickets at the Guam Gallery's first Free Art Friday event.  I say first because it's going to be an annual thing.  I went to the event with Allan and my mom.  Mr. Alcon the owner was handing out tickets, but asked me if I could take over.  I realized later when talking to Allan that I was chosen to do this task because I was the youngest present.  Which is a very cultural thing.  As a youngster their are certain things expected of you such as chasing flies from the fiesta table, walking around with the pugua basket, and various other social tasks and errands.  It's not a bad thing, but I'm very shy.  I did manage to make sure that everyone got their tickets.  :P

It was a nice night though.  I wish more people showed up.  There were a good number of artists present offering free prints.  I took home a photograph of a banana spider.  (I will post it later)  Our friend Tess had brought a long some of her photographs including the photo of me with the island in my wineglass.  It was a good night for meeting other artists, but it was sad that not many people from outside the art community showed up.  

Tess informed me of an upcoming exhibit featuring female local artists.  She will most likely be participating and was encouraging me to inquire also.  The problem is that I don't own any of my pieces.  I've given them all away.  If I can borrow some back maybe I'll see if I can join.  It's really intimidating though.  A lot of art on Guam is cultural and my art isn't really cultural or scenic.  My art also looks like it could've come from any number of different artists.  If grouped together it might look strange.  Maybe I'm just being critical of myself.  We'll see.

OOoooOOooh.  Allan won a beautiful carved pendant.  (I'll post that pic later too!)

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