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Monday, February 9, 2009

Thoughts from Wonderland: On Apologies

This post is a response to the recent Hannah Montana chinky eye pictures and her apology.  

I saw the pictures and read the apology.  As for the pictures, I don't think it was offensive.  I don't know.  I have "chinky eyes"  and I wasn't offended.  My eyes are my most Asian features and they happen to be my best features, I think.  My nephews have the most beautiful eyes and they are asian eyes.  And what about the Asian guy actually in the pictures?  Was he offended?

Her apology was lame, though.  She would've been better off not apologizing at all.  She said her and her friends were making goofy faces.  That's a little offensive.  She thinks "chinky eyes" are goofy?  But then again we make fun of our friends with extra slanted eyes.  Ok, my point is I really don't care what Miley Cyrus thinks or does. It might be different if I had a daughter who made me buy all kinds of Hannah Montana junk, though.   But right now, some things aren't worth being pissed about.  And this is one of those things.  Asians, laugh it off.  And if it really upsets you just remember (sadly)  she is a train wreck waiting to happen.

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