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Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Garden in Wonderland: Seeds on Etsy

Since we moved in to our apartment, a couple years ago, I've been wanting to have a container garden in our tiny back yard/patio area. I just haven't been motivated though. But now I'd like to be able to take Viva out back more and enjoy myself back there too. I'd also like to grow some herbs and veggies for our kitchen. It should save us money and make for really delicious dinners.

Yesterday I cut up a bunch of 2 liter plastic bottles. I'm going to use the bottom pieces as mini herb planters. I'll paint them a little and make them so that they hang. I'm going to put a few in the kitchen too. I cut up some larger bottles that I can use for tomatoes and maybe green onions.

Now that I have some containers ready I need some seeds. I'm going to check the locally owned hardware store, but I also decided to check Etsy. It feels good supporting small businesses.

myvictorygarden - lots of sales and 100% positive feedback - many seed varieties.
Thebearfootshaman - all positive feedback - flowers and herbs and veggies.
greenthing - all positive feedback & lots of sales - they have spider flower seeds & a bunch more!

Of course, before I purchase or plant anything I'll need to research what will be safe for Viva and Merlot to come in contact with. Anything unsafe for animals will be in a restricted area and raised. I'm so excited. I can't wait to be able to share pictures of my garden. Hopefully I'll be able to start soon!!!


  1. I would have never thought to look on Etsy for seeds. Good to know! Another small, family-owned seed company you might like is Botanical Interests (

  2. Thank you sooo much for that tip. I checked out the site and they have an organized and large assortment and they give tips!!! I love it.


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