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Monday, June 8, 2009

Hooping in Wonderland: Got my hoop!!!

I received my hoop today! I ordered it from Rainbowfrogs77 on May 30th. Its a plain collapsible hoop. I still need to go out and get the tapes to decorate it, but I still haven't chosen a color scheme and pattern.

The hoop came like 2 hoops in a figure 8. Getting it into 1 hoop was a little confusing but I'm sure after some practice I'll be able to get it done faster. :P So I spent the last 3 hours watching hoop how-to's on You Tube with Nella. I can hoop decently and even learned to do the lasso trick.

Nel had so much fun she ordered one tonight. lol. It's a great work out, too. So if you're looking for a fun way to work out you should really consider hoop dance. The hoops aren't super expensive either. Mine was only $17 with shipping. The seller also has taped hoops if you don't want to have to tape it yourself.

Since I'm definitely not ready to post vids of me hooping watch this video of Safire. She's awesome!!!

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