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Sunday, March 15, 2009

Art in Wonderland: Charity Art Auction

Every year I participate in a very special art auction. My mother is the executive director of Guma Mami inc. Guma Mami is a non profit that helps improve the quality of lives for individuals with disabilities. The art auction is their major fundraising activity each year. I think one of the bests parts of the auction is that the featured artists are persons with disabilities. Guma Mami has a night center where they can do all kinds of activities, participating in art classes are one of them. So throughout the year they are producing work for this show. I spoke to one of the artists, one year, and she explained that art has helped keep her sane. I can relate to that. When everything is out of control in my life I always know there is one thing that I can control. This is why I often paint when I'm at my most emotional.

Anyways the Auction will be held in May, but the deadline to submit donated pieces is the last day of April. If anyone is interested, please let me know. Any and all submissions would be greatly appreciated!

The pictured piece is "You take me there" I donated this and 3 others last year. I was also doing henna body art for donations.


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