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Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Viewed in Wonderland: Maga'haga

Guam is a matrilineal society. Even before I knew what the word maga'haga meant, I felt it. There are many women in my family. My mom is the eldest of 6 sisters. And honestly, extended family included, when I picture family the women stand out the most. They are the glue that holds everything together. They are both protectors and nurturers. Don't get me wrong though my brother is the closest person to me, in my family. There is something about the women of Guam, though. As a young child my great grandmother was the head of our family. She was the oldest, strongest woman I've ever met. My grandmother was strong also. You could see on her face that she carrried with her something that pained and saddened her, but she managed to raise 6 daughters and 2 sons and also their sons and daughters. Looking back, I wish I could remember all the stories she told us. And then there's my mother. Like the women before her she is amazing. She's full of passion and strength. She fights daily to provide a better life for her family and also the people she cares for. She does so much for the community of persons with dissabilities on Guam. It pains me to see her frustrated and sometimes I wonder why she doesn't just let go, but then maybe it's something in her blood. Maybe it's something that runs through the blood of the women of Guam. We were born to protect and nuture and fight the struggle to care for our community and family. Thinking about it now I'm so proud to be born a daughter of Guahan.

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  1. A beautiful post Drea, and Si Yu'us Ma'ase lokkue' for sharing the Maga'haga' documentary.


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