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Monday, January 5, 2009

Celebrate in Wonderland: pictures from our home made present party!

From Tess!  They have the same birthday!
Viva in the dress I reconed.  Merlot has a matching one.  :P
Santa Drea's head elf, Viva!
Our black tree!  ;)
My tiger eye earrings made by Michele!
The magnetic Tes Puzzle.  Vector by Zhan!
Tes with her Voodoo doll bag!
Swapping gifts!
With the shirt designer AND painter!
Rubix Master!
She likes her bag!
What's inside . . . NOTHING!
Nel's laundry line.
Thanks Colleen.
I told you she had a matching dress!
I made her a passport sleeve.
Happy Birthday, Love!
Nella's awesome wrapping.
There's a zebra in my mug!
Colleen's gift jars.
She looks so cute.  Allan picked out the fabric.
Nel MADE the coffin box!
Bags by Drea & Coasters by Michele
All in all, it was an awesome night!  I think we were all stoked on our home made and heart felt loot.  Can't wait for next year!!!

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