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Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Oishi in Wonderland: Eat me!

Last night I made Allan dinner. He had to do the dishes before I cooked. :) It was quite interesting and seeing him so completely frustrated I actually offered to do them myself. He refused.

I started by sauteing garlic in butter in a saucepan. I should have used more butter, though. When it was hot enough I added firm tofu. While that was frying up I added some linguine to a pot of boiling water for about 9 mins. I added garlic salt instead of regular salt to the pasta, for no other reason than it was closer. lol. I ground some pepper into the tofu and added a little bit of Italian seasoning. I scooped out my tofu and used that left over butter garlic sauce to defrost my frozen broccoli. Then I added some more butter and some milk and my WF Alfredo sauce mix. I love Western Family. I'm young and broke, why not? I let that boil, then simmer for a couple minutes. I drained the pasta and everything was done. Just had to pile it all in a bowl and enjoy. I think the broccoli was the best part because it really retained the sauce well. I should've drained the tofu more so it could soak up some more yummy sauce.

I wanted to get a picture but we were so hungry I forgot. Can you believe there were no left overs? I'm so proud. I didn't even have to dig up a recipe for this. :)

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  1. I found that my 4pm class is a great time to catch up on your blog. You made that sound so good, I should've had some last night.


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