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Friday, January 9, 2009

Life in Wonderland: Chess and Chocolate

Last night I worked on some projects and spent a little time cleaning up our apartment. Allan was hanging out watching some pretty boring stuff on You Tube. When I finally got bored of doing all the stuff I was doing I decided to harass him in to doing something with me. There wasn't much to do so he suggested we play chess. I never really had the patience to learn how to play so he offered to teach me.

So while he set up the area and chess board I made some hot chocolate for us. For christmas, my brother and SIL got us 3 different tins of hot Cocoa and the absolute cutest little mug and saucer set *I'll post pics of it asap*. We decided on the chocolate royale tin. It was really good.

It's a lot easier to understand chess when you're older, I think. I didn't win, but I put up a fight. I managed to take out his bishop without him realizing. :P But while I was off in my own world his rook took my queen and shortly after that my King died of a broken heart. lol.

All in all, considering I started on my craft swap, tidied up a bit, and spent some quality time with Allan, last night was nice. :)
*Oh and the chess set pictured is not ours! That is a chess set featured on Gem Stone King. It has 9900 black and white diamonds, so yeah definately not ours. I wonder if could make a replica in Swarovski crystals. Still be more than I can afford probably. :P

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  1. I still say there should be 9,999 diamonds on there.


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