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Thursday, January 29, 2009

Make up in Wonderland : Check it out!

I've been a very busy girl lately.  Work, cleaning, and crafting.  Well today after Allan left for work I was looking for a hair tie in the bathroom and decided I never use my make up anymore.  So I went nuts.  No seriously.  I had to take pictures to document another crazy moment in my mostly monotonous life.  It was fun, but now my eyes just feel super heavy from all the mascara and eyeshadow.  With all that make up you'd think I would've invested in some industrial strength make up remover.  Nope.  I am mean mean mean to my skin.  Infact my make up usually looks best on day 2. lol.  \\

It's back to cleaning and crafting now.  Man!   I have to finish my swap projects so I can send tomorrow.  The sooner she gets it the sooner I can post pics.  But if you're really interested I can send you a link to my secret stash of pics. lol.

1 comment:

  1. I love your makeup and you have amazing skin!

    Can't wait to see your swap pictures!
    x x x


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