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Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Wondering in Wonderland: Paint it Green

I'm really trying to live greener.  Both Allan and I have been discussing ways to have a more sustainable lifestyle.  We want to waste less.  It has about as much to do with saving money as it does with saving the earth, to be honest.  We're both fans of the Venus Project and the Zeitgeist Movement.  It's really hard to keep to it though.

I'd like to buy clothes made from organic and sustainable materials but they're really hard to find locally and even on the internet, clothes of this nature are often expensive.  It seems like we are forced to chose between being green or being practical moneywise, alot of the time.  Like today Allan got a new skateboard and we decided to spend more money and buy locally.   We could've saved money and just ordered one online, but then he'd have to wait weeks for it to be shipped and shipping in general isn't very eco friendly.  Getting back to sustainable materials, if they're so sustainable why do they cost so much?  Okay, I understand that at this point it costs more to make because they're producing on a smaller scale, but it still frustrates me.  I'd love to support companies that are taking that step to be more enviromentally friendly, but I can't afford to.  :(  Being eco friendly isn't always budget friendly.

I guess I'll stick to recycling and reusing at home as much as I can for now.  ;)

* Jan. 10, '09 - I recently realized that by buying Allan's skateboard locally we were not being eco-friendly when it comes to shipping.  The skateboard was not made here.  It still had to be shipped. lol.  We did however spend money locally.  Which is usually a positive.


  1. I hear ya! I would love to go organic all the way and go off the grid having solar or wind energy, but it's the real world and these things are crazy expensive. I guess we just do what we can.

  2. Or you could just buy clothes at Salvation Army...

    Even if you buy hemp clothes, they are still NEW hemp clothes. Personally I like buying my clothes at Gap and Express, but that's just me.

    I guess you could buy fewer clothes, too...


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